Transition Metal Complex Catalyzed Hydroformylation in Biphasic Reaction Media.

  • Hjortkjær, Jes (Project Manager)

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The heterogenization in a mobile phase of a homogeneous hydroformylation catalyst based on rhodium complexes has been established in two ways:
1)A catalytically active complex based on Rh and 3,4-dimethyl-2,4,5-triphenyl -1-phosphanorborna-2.5-dien(DMTPPNOR) was dissolved in an organic liquid phase, which was distributed in the pore system of a solid support (SLP catalyst).
2) The same Rh-complex was made water soluble by sulfonation of the ligand (DMTPPNOR) and the complex was dissolved in water, which was distributed in the pore system of a solid support (SAP-catalyst).
The activity of both of these catalysts was monitored by kinetic examination of the gas phase hydroformylation of propene in a plug flow reactor containing a fixed bed of the catalyst. Preliminary tests indicate that the SAP-catalyst is more than twice as active as the SLP-catalyst, and that the activity may be further increased by careful hamonization of the P/Rh-ratio in the SAP-catalyst. Another perspective is that the SAP-catalyst - contrary to the SLP-catalyst - should be usable in a liquid-flow system (for hydroformylation og higher alkenes), because the catalytic complex is not soluble in the organic reactant stream, i.e. the catalyzed reaction is running at the interphase between the organic reactant/product stream and the aqueous phase containing the catalyst.
Effective start/end date01/01/199731/12/1997


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