Trait based plankton ecology (38896)

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Plankton is the dominating life-form in the ocean. It is mainly invisible and lives in a viscous world that is not part of our sensed experience. As a consequence, important properties of life in the oceans remain poorly understood.

This project has aimed to further a cross-disciplinary research activity to promote an understanding of the dynamics of marine pelagic ecosystems that is based on mechanistic descriptions of the functioning of and interaction between its individuals. We provided trait-based descriptions of the key functions of plankton, formulate their associated trade-offs, and develop trait-based models of plankton ecosystem that we will test against observations.

The core activity of the project was the development of mechanistic descriptions of key plankton traits and their trade-offs and development of trait-based models of pelagic systems. The immediate goal of the project was to achieve fundamental insights in the functioning of pelagic ecosystems but ultimately the models to examine effects of environmental changes and human impact. The project was a ‘precursor’ for the Centre for Ocean Life.

The project was coordinated by DTU Aqua and funded by the Danish Council for Independent Research.

Research area: Oceanography
Research area: Marine Populations and Ecosystem Dynamics
Effective start/end date01/01/201131/12/2013

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