Training and Mentoring of Science Shops (TRAMS)

  • Jørgensen, Michael Søgaard (Project Manager)
  • Person, Unknown (Project Participant)

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    TRAMS will develop specific structural services for the International Science Shop Network Living Knowledge. In this way the co-ordination actions in TRAMS will contribute to the goals of the network. It will be an important step for the future funding of the network. The EC project ISSNET shows there is a growing request for tools and support to get started with new science shop activities in many regions of Europe. Therefore it is foreseen that the training and mentoring activities that will be developed in TRAMS will fulfil an expressed need, and provide a benefit for civil society. After the pilot activities and development of materials in TRAMS these tools for support will be made available for the members of the network at low costs. This will assure the future use of the deliverables of TRAMS. The preliminary results of ISSNET make clear within the network there is a demand for these activities. TRAMS is an indispensable milestone in the networking of science shops.

    Development of innovative practice in science shops will be encouraged, through a customised training programme toolbox and appropriate partnering and exchange (mentoring) among members of Living Knowledge. TRAMS will focus on both sides (users and suppliers) in training and mentoring, because both groups are important stakeholders in the project. This will allow the project to have a direct input on the needs for training and mentoring and on the available tools and expertise. The users in TRAMS are the pilot group of the mentoring and training activities. All members of Living Knowlegde can participate in activities of TRAMS (e.g. workshops) and make use of the results ands materials of TRAMS.
    The workpackages of TRAMS will focus on 1) Mentoring, 2) Training materials 3) E-modules, 4) Dissemination of results.

    TRAMS will co-ordinate co-operation with the members of the International Science Shop Network. It will build on the results and recommendations of previous EC projects.
    Effective start/end date01/08/200501/08/2008

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