Tracking Problems for Distributed Parameter System

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    This project is primarily about control of a beer pasteurization process, treated as a robust tracking problem for a distributed parameter system. The treatment includes modelling of the system, aspects of controller design and computational issues. The framework is a combination of recently developed advanced techniques for robust control of finite and infinite dimensional systems.
    The tunnel pasteurizer is modelled as a Cauchy problem and standard semigroup theory is applied in order to write the solution in closed form (a semigroup solution). After calculating the respective transfer functions, the appearing linear systems are formulated within the framework of the Pritchard-Solomon class, a class of systems that allow more general input and output operators than standard distributed systems. This ensures that the entire system is well-posed. Due to this, one can refer to rather general robustness results, which obviously is convenient, although some generalization is required.
    Also, a novel approach to robust tracking problems has been introduced, which directly distinguishes between control actions which must be taken due to the presence of uncertainties, and control actions which must be taken due to tracking criteria, which are of an altogether different nature. The approach addresses the class of almost periodic functions and the main results provide necessary and sufficient conditions for the existence of (possibly infinite-dimensional) controllers which solve the robust tracking problems. Moreover, explicit controller formulae can be given in semigroup formulations.
    Effective start/end date01/01/199401/01/1997