Traceability in the Danish fish sector (SIF) (38883)

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The development of an operative system to have full traceability in the Danish fish sector, started in 2009, with the first project SIF 1. This was a specification of what an IT program should contain to meet the demands of the sector. The actual software development took place in the next project SIF 2. Due to some political implications to finance SIF 2 it was divided in SIF 2.1 and SIF 2.2. SIF 3 had to start before SIF 2.2 was finished and some elements were transferred between the two projects.

SIF 3 has the Danish title of “Dataopsamling af sporbarhedsdata” (collection of traceability data). The main activities are to specify and build the access points to the database constructed in SIF 2.1 and extend the use to the processing industry and wholesalers. The overall aim is to construct a “single string system” that collects all relevant data. This last expansion has been done to meet the challenge from the EU Regulation 1224/2009 and the Commissions Regulation 404/2011, to have valid traceable data.

DTU Aqua’s part in SIF 3 has been concentrated on constructing a software program to be used on the fishing vessels to communicate with the fishery inspections IT based Logbook (E-Log) and the SIF-database. This has been done in close cooperation with DTU IMM (Institute for Mathematical Modeling), which have a software development group, originally coming from DTU Aqua. The developed program has been built partly on a previous program with the name of PIP – developed for the pelagic sector.

The project is coordinated by Danish Fishermen PO, Denmark.

Research area: Fisheries Management
Effective start/end date01/01/201031/03/2012


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