Towards biocide-free land-based aquaculture (TOBIFREE) (39562)

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TOBIFREE objective is to test methods that can reduce the use of chemicals in recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS), and to investigate alternative and integrated methods for water treatment, which could also be effectively used against toxic cyst-forming micro-organisms. We propose a three-stage approach: First, we will need to better understand the courses of micro-organism mass-occurrences in RAS, and the specific problems related to different types of organisms (e.g., cyst-forming algae, eventual resistance to disinfectants). This will give insights into the conditions that promote explosive growth of different micro-organisms, and therefore to allow for early detection of potential problems and identification of the optimal treatment. Second, we will develop alternative and integrated methods for water disinfection, to reduce the use of chemicals. The alternative methods will include both biological and physical treatment. Thirdly, we will investigate the barriers which aquaculture industry might have for implementing the new treatment methods. The project builds on our recent project in the Pesticide program, aiming to further develop and optimize the alternative treatment methods, and to advance from laboratory studies towards experiments in small-scale model RAS, and ultimately the use in industry.

The project is funded by the Environmental Protection Agency of Denmark (Miljøstyrelsens Program for Bekæmpelsesmiddelforskning). 

Research area: Oceanography
Research area: Aquaculture

Effective start/end date01/06/201801/09/2021


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