Towards accurate prediction of T cell targets; Learning the rules of T cell receptor interactions

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    The cellular immune system constitutes highly sophisticated mechanisms to fight
    infections. Here, T cells scrutinize the surface of cells for foreign peptides presented
    in complex with MHC (Major histocompatibility complex) molecules to check if the
    cell has been infected. Upon identification of such foreign peptides, the T cells
    activate an immune reaction aiming to clearance of the infection. T cells utilize a
    protein called T cell receptor (TCR) to detect foreign peptides. A huge number of
    TCR exist, each variant recognizing only a small number of peptides. Currently, the
    rules determining if a TCR reacts to a specific peptide are not well characterized.
    Here, we propose a unique approach to change this and arrive at a precise
    understanding of TCR specificity. Using pioneer technology, we will collect
    unprecedented data concerning binding between TCRs and peptides, and apply
    advanced bioinformatics to this data in order to unravel the rules that dictate TCR
    Effective start/end date01/08/201731/07/2020


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