Time-temperature integration and shelf life prediction (EU-FAIR-PL95-1090)

Project Details


The project is a continuation of "Predictive modelling of shelf life of fish and meat products" (EU-AIR CT93-1251). The aim is to evaluate and further develop kinetic and empirical models for prediction of shelf-life of seafoods. Shelf life models will particularly be evaluated with fluctuating temperature conditions. Fresh fish and lightly preserved products, including cold-smoked salmon and brined shrimps, will be studied by empirical or relative rate of spoilage models. An impportant objective has been to develop the "Seafood Spoilage Predictor" software now avalable at http:/www.dfu.min.dk/micro/ssp. This software allows shelf life of different seafood to be predicted at constant and fluctuating temperatures. The project id financed by EU and carried out in collaboration with Greece and France.
Effective start/end date01/11/199630/04/2000