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    Neuroinformatics is a research field rooted in classical disciplines like signal processing, biology, physics, computer science and engineering. Neuroinformatics combines learning from the brain and learning about the brain. By studying information processing in the brain neuroinformatics invents new computing paradigms (e.g., artificial neural networks) with the objective of understanding the dynamics of the conscious mind.
    Neuroinformatics is a key component of a US research program, the Human Brain Project which is supported by all the major American governmental funding agencies and hosted by the National Institute of Health. The geographically and scientifically distributed nature of the collaborating research groups involved in this interdisciplinary neuroscience effort calls for new visual and interactive means of communication. A point strongly emphasized in this program is the need for using the World Wide Web for communication and dissemination of results.
    With partners in the Copenhagen area we have established the "Copenhagen Brain Research Center".
    Effective start/end date01/04/1998 → …


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