The use of wind power capabilities to improve the operation of the distribution network

Project Details


NetVind aims toward the green transition in Denmark, by rethinking the way of using wind power plants in distribution systems. NetVind analyses and demonstrates in a large experimental facility, which technical and financial potentials exist to improve the operation of distribution systems by using wind power plants support control capabilities.
The goal of NetVind is to improve the operation of distribution systems with high wind power penetration by using the wind power plants grid support capabilities. This is accomplished through:
• Digitizing the communication between grid devices (i.e. wind turbine’s inverter) and the net monitoring system in relation to IEC 61850.
• Minimizing grid losses in MV distribution systems with high wind power penetration by optimizing the reactive power flow.
• Making optimal use of the existing net and obtain a benefit of the green transition by using regulation rather than to reinforce the net.
• Exploring which business model can be applied between players.
• Testing the IT security infrastructure for data communication in accordance with IEC 62351.
• Building up know-how on modelling the condition of the MV net.
• Contributing to improvement and qualification of future technical regulations which are under preparation at and which should bind together the political, technical and financial interests.
The project seeks to achieve effective integration of renewable energy, considering the overall system security by optimizing the wind power transmission upwards in the system so that unnecessary losses due to new production/consumption scenarios are minimized and optimized by using the control capabilities of power electronics in wind turbines.
Effective start/end date01/03/201601/10/2018