The structure and properties of zeolites.

  • Ståhl, Kenny (Project Manager)
  • Artioli, Gilberto (Project Participant)
  • Hanson, Jonathan (Project Participant)
  • Nicholsen, David (Project Participant)

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Zeolitic materials consist of three-dimensional alumino-silicate frameworks, surrounding cavities and channels. These materials may be regarded as molecular test tubes: Through variations in the framework, and in the cavities and channels, the materials will be selective to different ions and molecules, and thereby achieve widely different properties. Zeolitic materials are used in huge quantities as for example catalysts in petro-chemical industry, water softener in washing powder, and absorbants in different types of filters. The crystal structures of natural and synthetic zeolites are studies mainly by means of powder diffraction, using neutrons, and X-rays, and the structures are related to the physical and chemical properties. Using synchrotron radiation, the dynamics of the zeolites during dehydration processes are studied in situ.
Effective start/end date01/09/1995 → …


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