The social context of urban development toward sustainability

  • Guimaraes, Ana Maria Marinho (Project Manager)

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    The objective and scope of this program is to build structural and conceptual links between urban systems in their social contexts and sustainability. The aim is to develop an understanding of urban environmental problems, the way these problems are handled in different local contexts and, at the same time, to establish a link to the earth's natural resources and the way they are being used and misused. In order to achieve these purposes the core of this project will be made as a comparative case study of how different strategies can/are/will be used in different cities in different countries, to make them more sustainable. Inside this framework, we will try to demonstrate that the right strategies depend, in more than some extension, on the local social contexts. We will relate to the theory and practicalities that involve urban ecology and sustainable development, the concepts that make urban ecology and sustainable development similar and different at the same time, trying to find the convergences and divergences using different approaches as stated by different authors. As a proposed method this program will consist of three major cornerstones. The first cornerstone will be the evaluation of analytical and theoretical aspects of trends and priorities for sustainable development. The second, the analysis and development of four case studies, two in Denmark and two in Portugal, combining evaluation of essential documents with contacts with key actors, using a social carrier inspired approach. Finally, the development of a theoretical model that combines global and local environmental requirements with the cultural and natural history of the locality, identifying local and global urban ecological indicators.
    Effective start/end date01/01/199931/12/2001


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