The safety of novel pre- and post harvest procedures

Project Details


Pre- and post harvest techniques for apples developed in pillar 4 and 5 of the ISAFRUIT project will be investigated with respect to pollutants like pesticides and mycotoxins.

Identification of critical steps for chemical contaminants in the chain from harvest to consumer will be identified, and sampling all along the chain from harvest through storage and distribution to the consumer's table will be performed. The apple samples will be analysed for fungicides and patulin. Emphasis will also be on peak levels of contamination found in single fruits sampled at the consumer end of the chain.

A comparison trial with new spraying techniques, which include

1. a Crop Identification System (CIS) to adjust spray application to the target characteristics,
2. a Crop Health Sensor (CHS) for the identification of tree health status determining pesticide application and,
3. Environmentally Dependent Application System (EDAS) for adjusting the spraying equipment according to the environmental circumstances

A comparison trial of new spraying techniques will be performed in order to investigate the differences between the pesticide residue levels in apples derived from the standard sprayer and the newly developed techniques. Mean levels and peak levels of pesticide residues will be determined.
Effective start/end date01/01/200630/06/2010