The role of particulates in biofilm reactors

  • Ledin, Anna (Project Participant)
  • Morgenroth, Eberhard Friedrich (Project Participant)
  • Harremoës, Poul (Project Manager)

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The kinetics of degradation of particulates inbiofilms is complicated and is still not welldescribed. We have chosen to make unsteady experiments, such that the sequence of
variations of loading is designed to reveal important features of particulate adsorption and degradation in the biofilter. The experiments include mass balances on the basis of Total Carbon (TOC and TIC). Experiments in lab.scale and pilot scale have shown that only af small fraction of the particulates are degraded in the period between backwash, to the benefit of digestion and gas production in the treatment plant; but to the detriment of the availability of
organic matter for denitrification in the biofilters.
Effective start/end date01/02/199531/12/2001