The Role of End Users in Building Productivity

  • Bonke, Sten (Project Manager)
  • Jørgensen, Tom Rydahl (Project Participant)
  • Fälting, Lars (Project Participant)
  • Bang, Henrik (Project Participant)

Project Details


This project takes the concept of "end users" as its point of departure because these are potentially very important in shaping developments through demand. However, this potantial is not always realised due to existing institutional constraints.
The role of end users are being comparatively investigated with respect to productivity improvements in the two national construction sectors of Denmark and Sweden. By comparing critical problem areas in both national sectors an identification of potential improvements is made possible.
This result will be presented as policy recommandations that can be useful inputs in the user-oriented development efforts in the two countries.
Effective start/end date01/12/199731/03/1999


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