The Mechanics of Ship Collisions

  • Zhang, Shengming (Project Manager)

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    In the past 30 years, ship collisions and grounding caused heavy oil spills on sea and polluted the environment seriously. Therefore, the research interest on ship collision and grounding has received great public attention.
    The purpose of present project is to develop an analysis method for ship-ship collision, ship-offshore platform collision and ship-rigid wall collision.
    To reach the research goal, two analysis procedures are employed: the external dynamics and the internal mechanics. The external dynamics deals with the energy loss and impact impulse of the collision by analyzing the rigid motion of the colliding ships taking into account the surrounding water effects. The internal mechanics analyzes the structural response and damage that the energy loss to be dissipated by crushing ship structures during the collision.
    Effective start/end date01/07/199631/12/1998


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