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Danes are already feeling the consequences of warmer, weather and more extreme weather. A changing climate calls for urgent action, but also holds great potential for developing cities and recreational areas, imagine if climate protection could be seen as a l0ft of existing urban areas and create entirely new urban spaces. Especially in cities where space for traditional cloudburst solutions such as rainwater basins or green areas that can be flooded is scarce, and green downspouts could constitute a competitive solution that in the long term can create green, more natural and nature-rich cities, while at the same time testing the challenge of using rainwater from roofs will be tested locally.
The green down drain will be able to function as a nature-based, easily applicable solution for local climate adaptation and represents an innovative and innovative proposal for how the climate protection of the future can offer cities a wide range of functions that at the same time make cities more beautiful and pleasant to move around, while rainwater is handled, purified and reused, acoustics in cities are improved, temperature fluctuations are reduced, avoiding the "urban heatwave" effect and the green downspouts create small green oases, that makes the health and well-being of residents. The purpose of this project is firstly to create knowledge about buffer capacity, i.e. which amounts of rainwater can be delayed (incl. evaporation), how much water can be used and thus to what extent the solution will be able to relieve the sewer system.
Secondly, the form is to document the degree of purification, i.e. the solution's ability to clean rainwater for reuse for toilet flushing, laundry and yellow washing.

A new design and a full-scale experimental module of the green downspout, on which measurements are made, so that results can contribute to further product development and commercialization.

DTU Engineering Technology will be responsible for the metrological part of the project, where calculations, experiments and tests will be carried out on a green downspout mounted at DTU, Ballerup Campus.

Key findings

Delay of water up to 15 minuttes. Different method for measuring water flow and humidity in the Rockflow

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Delay of rainwater by rockflow vertical mounted
Effective start/end date01/02/202131/12/2022

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