The future modular fishing vessel (FMF) (39454)

Project Details


The FMF project (the future modular fishing vessel) is a development project aiming at developing an innovative fishing vessel for coastal fishing, which is multi-functional and optimized in terms of operation, maintenance and energy consumption.

JOBI VÆRFT A/S, together with ShipCon ApS (Frederikshavn) and SafeEx ApS (Nørresundby) plan to design an innovative fishing vessel in the size range somewhere between15-30 meters for coastal fishing.

DTU Aqua participates as a knowledge institution in the project and will support the project by supplying knowledge on fishing gear and catch handling, including improved processing and storage facilities on board fishing vessels.
The project is coordinated by and is funded by the North Jutland Regional Fund and JOBI VÆRFT A/S.
Effective start/end date01/05/201601/05/2020