The dynamic action of gusty winds on long-span bridges

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    Ph.D. project by Guy Larose.
    The framework for the research project was to study further the error margin of the current prediction methods of the wind-induced behaviour of long-span bridges and other line-like flexible structures.
    The research was performed in four major phases:
    1. Review of the state-of-the-art method for the prediction of bridge buffeting.
    2. Analytical development of a prediction method that departed from the strip assumption.
    3. Wind tunnel tests on streamlined bridge decks including a parametric study of the influence of the deck width on the gust loading.
    4. Comparison between analytical calculations and experiments, and development of an empirical model of the gust loading on streamlined bridge decks.
    This research shed light on the wind-structure interaction for closed-box girder bridge decks and proposed a novel approach that can considerably reduce the error margin of the current prediction methods of bridge buffeting.
    Effective start/end date01/09/199411/06/1997


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