The Danish investigation of iodine intake and thyroid diseases (DanThyr)

  • Laurberg, Peter (Project Participant)
  • Perrild, Hans (Project Participant)
  • Ovesen, Lars (Project Participant)
  • Rasmussen, Lone Banke (Project Manager)

Project Details


The aim of the study is to monitor the iodine fortification in Denmark, which was initiated in 1998.

The monitoring program consists of two main parts:

1. The DanThyr cohort study. Repeated investigation of cohorts, including the iodine status of the population, the intake of iodine-rich diet and supplements, the prevalence rate of goitre, and possible confounding factors.

A cohort of 4649 subjects living in either Aalborg or Copenhagen was investigated in 1997-1998 before iodine fortification was started and a second cohort consisting of 3500 subjects from the same cities was investigated in 2004-2005 about 5 years after iodine fortification was started..

2. The DanThyr Register. Continous monitoring of both overt hyper- and hypothyroidism. All new blood samples analysed for TSH in a population of about 500.000 people in Northern Jutland and Copenhagen are registered. This was started in 1997 and is planned to continue until 2009.
Effective start/end date01/03/199731/01/2011

Collaborative partners

  • Technical University of Denmark (lead)
  • Glostrup University Hospital (Project partner)
  • University of Copenhagen (Project partner)
  • Aalborg University Hospital (Project partner)
  • Bispebjerg University Hospital (Project partner)


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