The Contrator's Environmental Guide

  • Christensen, Knud (Project Manager)
  • Egebjerg, Christin (Project Participant)
  • Falk, Niels (Project Participant)
  • Amini, René Bo (Project Participant)

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    The Contractor's Environmental Guide is an information material dealing with environmental management in contracting firms. The material is specifically designed for contracting firms, that may to work seriously with environmental management. It provides instructions for active work in the firm and can be used as a tool, when initiating the environmental management process. The project was in some aspects very untraditional: First of all, the users have been included in the process from the beginning of the project. Second of all, there has been a focus on the Guide's adaption fo the industry's knowledge and attitude barriers. Finally, the special collaboration between researchers and contractors is reflected in the principles and methods, recommended in the Guide. Because of these characteristics, it has been possible to get one step further with the analysis of problems and solutions. Thus, knowledge transmitted in this way will for users make the Guide more present, interesting and motivating.An information material of this character, where information and knowledge are separated, differentiated and distributed through transmission, will therefore be a powerful tool when an organization engages in knowledge and attitude building. This effect can be creditted to the materials concerned with the specific problems and possibilities of the target groups - and also because it is done with insight in the attitude, knowledge, culture and language of the target groups.
    The information material consists of eight elements:
    4 booklets about environmental management aimed at the different organizational levels in the contracting firm.
    As technical support for the booklets, two publications have been produced:
    A guide for developing "standardized" environmental management systems.
    An environmental handbook containing concrete environmental information and knowledge.
    Effective start/end date01/10/199401/05/1996


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