The blue revolution: Perspectives for sea based food production (38804)

  • Steenfeldt, Svend Jørgen (Project Manager)

Project Details


The project will conduct an investigation of the possibilities for use of a larger part of the Danish sea territory for aquaculture of food as well as non food products.

The project will review the current state of world sea based aquaculture with focus on offshore activities of fish, shellfish and algae. The project will also review the national state of sea based culture of fish shellfish and algae before conducting an analysis of potential transfers of technology to support the Danish development of the sector.

The project will initiate the formation of a national Blue Revolution Network that will link the different activities on sea based production in a network to support exchange of knowledge and cooperation between the different activities on the subject.

A set of recommendations on the future development of Danish sea based production will be outlined and serve as guidelines for the coming development of the sector.

Research area: Aquaculture
Effective start/end date01/10/201030/06/2012


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