The Baltic Sea—a changing sea: What's happening to the Baltic cod? (ØSTTORSK) (39818)

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The state of the cod stock in the Eastern Baltic Sea is characterized by historically poor growth, reproduction at small size and deteriorated health status. The ØSTTORSK project aims at generating new biological knowledge that together with current insights can help disentangling  biological factors and processes that influence the state of this cod stock. Present focus is on the relationship between growth and reproduction, parasites, fitness and survival. The new knowledge may contribute to understanding how the Baltic cod stock will take shape in future inhabiting a sea significantly influenced by climate change as well as  fisheries and environmental management. 

National Institute of Aquatic Resources, DTU Aqua (coordinator)

The project is funded by Direktør J.P.A. Espersen og Hustru, Fru Dagny Espersens Fond.

Research area: Fish Biology
Research area: Population Genetics
Effective start/end date01/10/202031/12/2022


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