The 18th International Conference on Engineering Design, ICED11 : Impacting Society Through Engineering Design

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    ICED11 Theme: Impacting Society Through Engineering Design

    Design has a central role in bringing engineering and technology to practical use. We have chosen, therefore, that ICED11 will focus on balancing the societal impact of engineering design.
    Message from the Chair

    On welcoming you to the eighteenth International Conference on Engineering Design, ICED11, it can safely be stated that engineering design research is firmly established as a strong research discipline.

    As design researchers, design practice is our research object and industry companies are our research laboratories. Based on our observations, discussions and participation in design activities, we gather knowledge and insights and crystallise these into both academic models and practical methods. Our customers are students, training to be the product developers and innovators of the future, and industrialists, engaging with us to get insight into tools and methods, which fit to their practices and empower them to meet the challenges of global competition.

    The theme we have chosen for ICED11 is Impacting Society through Engineering Design. Design has a central role in bringing engineering and technology to practical use. We are expecting that each of the papers and presentations at the conference will provide its own contribution to the ICED11 theme. We’re delighted to see the variety and the quality of contributions that our colleagues from the design research community have submitted to ICED11.

    In its 30 year history this is the first time that an ICED conference has returned to the same city, “Wonderful Copenhagen”. In the Danish official ‘Year of Design’ the city is the perfect conference location, hosting the highest quality design, ranging from industrial design, through stunning architecture, to a dynamic engineering design industry, which has extensively backed ICED11.

    We have taken great care to create a conference showing leading edge research into engineering design and product development practice and to provide a lively backdrop for knowledge exchange and research discussion.

    Our goals with ICED11 have been to place particular emphasis on industry participation, provocative and relevant keynote speeches, maximum time for debate and discussion, and space to go in to depth, via the SIG workshops. And all this with a Danish flavour, which we hope you find welcoming, fun and “hyggelig”!

    Welcome to ICED11!
    Effective start/end date01/01/201031/12/2011


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