Test facility for air collectors

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    1. Objective of the project
    Renewable energy systems based on air solar collectors are used for dehumidification of buildings and heating of ventilation air for buildings. The aim of the project is to increase the knowledge of the heat and mass transfer in air solar collectors. This knowledge is the basis for improved marketed air solar collectors.

    2. Background
    Air solar collectors are in Denmark installed in large numbers in summer houses with the aim to improve the indoor climate by dehumidification. The air solar collectors have integrated PV modules which provide electricity for integrated ventilation fans. In this way outdoor air is in sunny cold periods heated in the solar collector and by means of the fan blown into the houses. This kind of systems can also be used for heating of ventilation air. The system can also be extended with an additional ventilation fan which is placed on the north and shaded side of the building. When the temperature inside the building gets too high, a control system turns off the ventilation fan on the south and sunny side and turns on the ventilation fan on the north side. In this way cold air from the shaded part of the building can be used to cool down the building.

    Marketed air solar collectors are today designed based on manufacturer’s practical experience with special focus on the manufacturing process, the installation process and the operation of the system. Detailed knowledge of the thermal behaviour inclusive details on the heat and mass transfer in the air solar collector during operation is only to a small extent the basis for the design of the air solar collectors.

    Several companies in Denmark manufacture this kind of solar collectors, for instance Solar Venti A/S, Ans Solvarme and Dansolar and consumers must rely on product information given by manufactures. There is a lack of detailed knowledge in this field, and there are no impartial institutes with test facilities for air collectors in Denmark. Further, there are no international standard test methods available for air solar collectors.

    3. Project activities
    This project will establish the first part of the basis for development of air solar collector systems for dehumidification of buildings and heating of ventilation air for buildings. The first part contains the following activities: Establishing of a test facility for side-by-side tests of air solar collectors, Testing the efficiency of a marketed air solar collector and Contribute to development of test methods for air solar collectors within the international energy agency framework program, Task 43
    Effective start/end date29/07/2010 → 31/12/2011


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