Teri technology development India

  • Henriksen, Ulrik Birk (Project Manager)
  • Carlsen, Henrik (Project Participant)

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    To coloborate in developing biomass based energy systems for rural application in India and other developing countries.
    The Biomass Energy Technology Applications (BETA) group in TERI is engaged in the development af thermal and power gasifiers since last two decades, and has the task to bring a reliable and rugged power gasifier operation (100% wood gas based) to the field by end of 2003. The BETA group has been looking for a partnership to improve its capacities in achieving this goal.
    DTU BGG is also engaged in the developemt og power gasifiers since the last two decades.

    Sorane has been working with the Energy Environment Technology Division of Teri in the development of thermal gasifiers applications (silk), and has been initiating the partnership between TERI and DTU BGG, and will bring its expweience in the technology development in India to the project.
    Effective start/end date01/02/200331/07/2004


    • Sam.arb.aftaler, Private danske - Andre virksomheder


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