Synthesis of product families

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    This project area has the aim to create insight into current methodology and industrial praxis of creating product families and utilizing re-use for product development. Also the project aims at the creation of a modular engineering methodology.
    Two industrial Ph.D. research projects has been established in 1997, with Thomas Miller, Novo Engineering A/S (see project and publications) and Per Elgård, Danfoss A/S (see project and publications). A guest professor Asko Riitahuhta (see publications) for 1997/98 has been connected to this research group.
    Results have been presented in 1997 at Fuglsø, Konstruktionsdag, ICED'97 and '99, and 3rd WDK Workshop on Product Structuring. 1998-result has been presented at NordDesign, IPD-conference in Magdeburg, at WDK Rigi workshop and at 4th WDK workshop on Product Structuring in Delft.
    Effective start/end date01/01/199731/12/1998


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