Sustainable plasticisers

  • Mortensen, Alicja (Project Participant)

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Plasticisers are additives that increase the plasticity of the materials to which they are addedPlasticisers are widely used in the plastic industry to plasticise polymers like PVC and PLA. Phtalates, based on non sustainable petrochemical raw materials are the most widely used group of plasticisers. However, phthalates have low biodegradability and negative effects on the environment, where hormonal disrupting effects on higher animals such as fish, mammals and humans is the most alarming, cousing abnormalities in the reproductive system. It is therefore desirable to be able to produce alternative sustainable plasticisers the price of which, should be at competitive levels to that of phthalates. The role of Department of Toxicology and Risk Assessment in the project is evaluation of toxic properties of potential compouns generated in the project using based on structure-toxicity relationship in silico ((Q)SAR), testing of the potential genotoxicity of synthesized compound(s) in vitro, and of the potential anti-androgenic effects in vivo in prenatally exposed rats.
Effective start/end date01/09/200931/08/2012


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