Sustainable path creation for innovative value chains for organic waste products

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The project will address the potential for value added and improved sustainability in the valorisation of organic waste streams, residual feedstock and by-products by analysing value chains inside and across different sectors of the bioeconomy. We will analyse a number of industrial cases from different parts of the bioeconomy and collaborate with highly relevant industry actors and technology experts. The project will help policymakers better govern and regulate the organic waste and residue (OW) industry and the industry actors to identify and exploit new opportunities in the bioeconomy.
The objectives of the project are to:
• Map industrial capabilities and research and human resources in the OW related industries, and consider whether and where policy intervention may be needed.
• Help industrial actors to identify possible pathways to increase their rate of innovation and value added from OW related activities.
• Carry out life cycle assessments and comparative analyses of environmental performance of OW value chains and selected case studies to help government and companies to select environmentally beneficial resources, products and production processes.
• Assess how the regulatory framework influences the management of organic waste streams in Norway and in the other Scandinavian countries and how the governance systems supports innovation, industrial development and sustainability.
Effective start/end date01/03/201531/08/2019


  • Bioeconomy
  • Waste
  • value chain


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