Sustainable Environmental Technology. Application for 5 fellowships

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Sustainable Environmental Technology is one of the focus areas in the Danish research strategy FORSK 2015. Sustainable environmental technology is seen as an important research area both for securing continued welfare and for potential development of Danish industry and services useful in a global context.
Sustainable environmental technology thus can contribute at the domestic level as well as at the international level. At the domestic level sustainable environmental technology can help develop increased resource efficiency and recovery through improved waste management and help developing intelligent water anagement in cities under pressure from increased rain and storm intensities, a water resource limited by increasing groundwater pollution and by competition from protection of natural water habitats an wetlands. At the international level similar issues are developing and Danish research within sustainable environmental technology can help Danish technology and service provider to maintain and expand their international activities. The PhD fellowships will be announced within sustainable environmental technology with focus on waste and resource management, and urban water technology, which are among the key research competences of DTU Environment
AcronymSET 5 PhD
Effective start/end date01/10/200930/09/2013


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