Sustainable and competitive - a proper corporate response to the challenge of sustainability

  • Langeland, Lise (Project Manager)

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    The intentions of the project are to investigate and describe a discourse for corporations to apply responsibility and dignity in their affairs in relation to environmental, ethical and social aspects. Much has been written and even more said in relation to this, but so far very little has been done on account of these many words. Although the most apparent result of the project is likely to be another extension of the amount of words spent on this subject, it is the explicit ambition to supply corporations with directions which will enable them to start acting upon their intentions and attitudes. By replacing the common reactive approach to sustainability with a proactive and extrovert approach business has the opportunity to participate in setting the environmental agenda and change their activities in their own pace. Simultaneously the competitive advantages from turning an enterprise towards sustainability can and should be obtained. In relation to this it is sought to verify possibilistically that such activities will increase the long term corporate performance thus questioning the myth of ethical and environmental improvements as merely inconveniences and unnecessary expenses. The requirements for green products, green companies, the communication of green incentives and the competitive aspects hereof will receive special attention.
    Effective start/end date01/08/199631/10/1999


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