Supporting sustainable mini-grid development and local production of wind turbines using the case of Kenya

Project Details


With the long-term objective to reduce poverty, stimulate economic growth and increased sustainable energy supply, the project aims to develop a market for low-cost, partly locally produced kW wind turbines for rural electrification. The project will demonstrate the technical, social and economic feasibility of integrating a kW wind turbine into a smart solar-powered mini-grid in Kenya, and aims to develop this concept into a viable business for the private companies involved, having the technical, economic and management capacity to exploit it.
The expected long term impact of the project are (i) local jobs in production, installation, O&M of low cost kW turbines in mini-grids; and (ii) reduced cost of electricity provided by minigrids, benefitting disadvantaged communities. The project will bring together communities, public institutions and commercial companies.
AcronymKenya Miniwind
Effective start/end date01/09/201701/09/2022