Support for 3rd regulatory review of nanomaterials – environmental legislation

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    Ricardo Energy & Environment, in partnership with subcontractors Milieu Consulting and the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), was commissioned by the European Commission to carry out a project entitled “The preparation of the third regulatory review on nanomaterials - environmental legislation”, specific contract number 070201/ENV/2015/SI2.716613/ENV.A3, Commission reference ENV.C.3/ETU/2015/0030. The study objective was to compile and develop information on nanomaterials and advanced materials in the environment and explore further the regulatory implementation challenges. The study had three main components: - A preliminary evaluation of releases of nanomaterials to different media (air, water, land, recycling and waste disposal). - A review of progress on the application of environmental and other key legislation to nanomaterials. - A prospective view on future developments in advanced materials, and challenges for environmental legislation. Consultation with stakeholders was carried out by email and telephone, and a stakeholder workshop was held on 21 June 2016. At the workshop, the interim findings were presented, and stakeholder feedback and views were discussed. Following the workshop, stakeholders provided feedback in writing. This feedback has been taken into account for the finalisation of the report.
    Effective start/end date09/11/201509/09/2016

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