STVF framework program for COM industrial collaboration

  • Stubkjær, Kristian (Project Manager)

Project Details


A main objective for Research Center COM is a close collaboration with industry. To stimulate the industrial relations a framework program supporting industry collaboration is part of the financial basis for COM. The framework program is sponsored via the Danish Technical Research Council.
In 1999 we have had 9 subprojects within the frame:
1. Wide-band Silica-on-Silicon Couplers and Splitters
2. Next generation planar optical components
3. III-V Technology
4. Systems simulations
5. 10 Gbit/s systems investigations of dispersion compensating fibers
6. Optimization of Raman fiber amplifiers, Raman fiber lasers
7. Highly nonlinear fibers
8. Phasemasks and Gratings
9. L-band lasers, amplifiers and system-experiments
The projects are described as an integrated part of the other COM projects in this DARWIN report.
Effective start/end date01/03/199931/12/2001


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