Study on approaches to management for data-poor stocks in mixed fisheries (MIXDLS) (39342)

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The tender requires advancement of methods for advice on the status and management of data-poor stocks in mixed fisheries. In order to meet this requirement, we will undertake a detailed review of assessment and management approaches for data-poor stocks and identify relevant approaches for application in the case studies and wider EU fisheries. 
The approaches should be compatible with the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP; EU 2013) in terms of1. fishing mortality ranges compatible with Maximum Sustainable Yield (MSY).2. fish caught to be landed.3. addressing uncertainty in significant components of the marine fish ecosystem. 
The most promising methods will be tested through simulation to ensure robustness to uncertainties and to deliver confidence in methods for future operational use. The suite of identified, assured methods will then be used to develop an objective framework to apply the most relevant assessment or management methods to each stock in each of the case study areas. Based on the output of these assessments of data-poor stocks, and where relevant, the existing assessments of data rich stocks, a mixed fisheries simulation framework will be developed to assess the performance of candidate management strategies.
Adaptation of the existing mixed fisheries tools will be required in order to incorporate data-poor stocks in the simulation framework.
This project is coordinated by DTU Aqua & IMARES, Netherlands and funded by EU, Calls for proposals/tenders (EU DG Mare).
Research area: Fisheries ManagementResearch area: Marine Living Resources
Effective start/end date01/01/201631/12/2017