Study for the revision of the plaice box (PBox) (38647)

  • Ulrich, Clara (Contact Person)
  • Blæsbjerg, Mette (Project Participant)

Project Details


This project has attempted to evaluate the effectiveness of the fisheries management, measure known as the “Plaice Box” (PB) for the conservation of plaice and other species of marine organisms in the south-eastern North Sea. The study provides an inventory of existing information and collects new material on the effects of the PB on the conservation of plaice and the impact of the PB on various components of the commercial fishing fleets.

Based on an analysis of key processes that affect the impact of the PB, modifications were explored to improve the positive effect on the conservation of plaice and other species of marine organisms, including catches and bycatches of other marketable fish. An economic assessment of the consequences of those modifications, in terms of their cost-effectiveness, and implications for profitability of the activity was presented. Finally, the data requirements for future evaluations on the effects of the PB on conservation were discussed.

Stakeholder interest in the project has been high and they made extremely useful contributions to a workshop held in October 2009.

The project is coordinated by IMARES, Wageningen UR, The Netherlands.

Research area: Fisheries Management
Effective start/end date01/01/200931/12/2010