Stirling Engines for Wood chips

  • Carlsen, Henrik (Project Manager)
  • Bovin, Jonas Kabell (Project Participant)
  • Bruun, I. B. (Project Participant)

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    The Danish program for research and development within new decentralised co-generation plants using biomass as fuel includes an investigation of Stirling engines. They are very attractive for solid fuels as wood chip because Stirling engines have external combustion.
    The target is to develop Stirling engines in the output range from 35 kW to 600 kW electric. The development has been concentrating on the development of a Stirling engine with an electric power output of 35 kW engine, but a 150 kW engine has also been designed.
    The first 35 kW engine was ready for field test in July 1998. Since that time the plant has tested successfully for more than 1400 hours using wood chips as fuel. The plant is fully automated and it has most of the time been running unmanned.
    The power output of the first engine was less than expected, and the design has now been optimised in order to improve the performance. At present a new engine is tested in the laboratory, and the preliminary results show, that the target performance has been obtained.
    Effective start/end date01/01/199001/01/9999

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