Statistical Energy Analysis Thematic Network (SEANET)

  • Ohlrich, Mogens (Project Manager)

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High frequency vibration problems are very commmon in complex structures, where they constitute a major cause of interior and exterior noise. An approach called Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA) now has the capability to adress such problems and to identify how the vibrations are distributed in the subsystems of complex structures, eg machinery, transportation vehicles and space structures.
The objectives of establishing the thematic network SEANET are to bring together existing research efforts in the SEA field through active networking, and to overcome the barriers which exist today between the academic research on SEA and its application to industrial problems. This will also include the preparation for the transfer of knowledge from university to industry. This action will include realisation of a number of industrial validation cases by cooperative teams from research institutes and industry.
The network consists of 12 university groups involved in major SEA research, 7 industrial end-users of different sectors (automobile, components, railways,ships, aeronautics and aerospace) and 9 small industries and industrial research centres.
Contract begins 1 January 1999.
Effective start/end date01/01/199831/12/2001


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