Starfish as a new source of marine protein (STARPRO) (39272)

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The amount of starfish (Asterias rubens) is increasing in Danish coastal waters – especially in the Limfjorden. They consume large amounts of mussels thus creating a big problem for the mussel fishery. STARPRO will try to establish a sustainable fishery of starfish in order to transform them into feed ingredient thereby reducing predation and at the same time create a new source of valuable protein.

The purpose of STARPRO is to establish a sustainable fishery for starfish in preparation for producing a 100% organic feed ingredient for monogastric livestock. The project includes the whole value chain with the concrete goal to develop cost-effective methods for production of starfish flour and within a few years establish a fishery of 10,000 t of starfish a year amounting a production of 2,500 t of flour a year. Activities in STARPRO will be stock assessment of starfish, testing of methods for the production of starfish flour from pretreatment to the grinding of dried starfish, development of feed blend for poultry and pigs.

Expected results:
- Organic feed with a large protein content
- Frame work for sustainable fishery for starfish in Denmark

Expected effects of the project:
- Establishing a new profession in fabrication of starfish flour
- Increase employment through the establishment of starfish fishery and Danish production of starfish
- Removal of nutrients from the fjords and coastal waters through fishing of starfish.
- Reduced the discharge of nutrients from organic animal husbandry due to increased feed efficiency.
- Increased sustainability and profitability of mussel fishery as a result of reduced predation on mussels.

DTU Aqua (coordinator)
Association of Mussel Producers, Denmark
Aarhus University, Denmark
AgroKorn, Denmark

This project is funded by the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark through the Green Development and Demonstration Program (GUDP).

Research area: Coastal Ecology
Effective start/end date01/01/201530/04/2018

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