Spatial differentiation in life cycle assessment

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    Promotor: prof. dr. Johanna van Eijndhoven,Utrecht University, the Nederlands,
    co-promotor dr. Michael Hauschild, Technical University of Denmark.

    Spatial differentiation in life cycle impact assessment: A framework, and site-dependents factors to assess acidification and human exposure by Jose Potting.
    Brief abstract:
    Life cycle assessment is a fairly new tool to evaluate the environmental performance of products. SETAC's code of practice and international standard ISO 14040 and others in this series are widely accepted as general fremwork for life cycle assessment. However, the methodology is not yet fully developmed. One of the problems to be solved, is the poor accordance between impacts as predicted in the LCA and the expected occurrence of acutal impacts. The objective of the thesis is to contribute to a solution of the poor accuracy of the assessed impact in LCA that results from the present disregard of spatial information in LCA
    Effective start/end date01/05/199601/03/2000


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