Spatial correlation in a diffuse sound field

  • Jacobsen, Finn (Project Manager)

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    The statistical diffuse field model is often a good approximation of the sound fields in rooms. The spatial correlation functions between various quantities in such a sound field were derived theoretically almost twenty years ago (Finn Jacobsen: The diffuse sound field. AT report no 27, 1979), but have never been verified experimentally, although they have found application in various areas, e.g. in active noise control and in prediction of the response of a plate to excitation by a diffuse sound field.
    The purpose of this work has been to develop a new method of determining such spatial correlation functions experimentally without the need of an excessive spatial averaging procedure. The proposed technique, which is based on measurement of spatial coherence rather than correlation functions, has been used to verify the theoretical predictions mentioned above. It has also been used to examine the spatial correlation in various non-diffuse sound fields.
    Effective start/end date01/02/199730/11/1999


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