Solar Thermal Components adapted to common building standards

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Pilot versions of a solar heating/natural gas burner system, of a solar heating/pellet burner system and of a façade/roof integrated polymeric collector have been installed in the summer of 2006 in a number of demonstration houses in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.
These three new products have been evaluated by means of measurements of the thermal performance and energy savings of the pilot systems in practice and by means of a commercial evaluation.
The conclusion of the evaluations is that the products are attractive for the industry partners METRO THERM A/S, Solentek and SOLARNOR. It is expected that the companies will bring the products into the market in 2007.
Further, the results of the project have been presented at international and national congresses and seminars for the solar heating branch. The congresses and seminars attracted a lot of interested participants.
Furthermore, the project results have been published in international congress papers as well as in national journals in the energy field.
Effective start/end date01/05/200631/12/2006


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