Solar Resource Assessment in Denmark, IEA-SHC Task 46

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    The overall aim of the project is to prepare new solar Design Reference Years, DRYs for different parts of Denmark. The reference years will be based on measured global radiation from DMI's climate stations.

    Department of Civil Engineering will analyse the global and diffuse radiation on horizontal measured for the period 2001-2010 at DTU's climate station at Kgs. Lyngby. Normal used solar radiation models will be fitted in such a way, that the diffuse radiation on horizontal can be determined with a good accuracy. These models will be used to determine the diffuse radiation on horizontal for DMI's climate stations, where only global radiation on horizontal is measured.

    The developed DRY's will be used to determine the yearly thermal performance for differently designed solar heating plants. In this way, it will be elucidated how the yearly thermal performance of solar heating plants is influenced by the design and location of the solar heating plants.
    Effective start/end date01/07/201130/09/2012

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    • Miljøstyrelsen


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