Smart Tip

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    We will design innovative rotor blade tips for wind turbines with the objectives to increase Annual Energy Production by 8% without exceeding the load envelope, reduce noise, reduce performance degradation, reduce costs and make turbines more adaptable for site-specific conditions. The goal is ambitious, yet looking at all the diversity in wing tip design in both aerospace and nature, it is obvious this area has a huge potential for innovation. The tip region for wind turbines produces the most energy,loads and noise. Yet, it has not received focused attention because the complex flow conditions require sophisticated high-fidelity simulations. DTU wind energy will apply high-fidelity surrogate based optimization, wind tunnel and mechanical testing to develop multiple innovations. Siemens will field test the most promising concept. The Siemens development pipeline for tip innovations will be primed. The new competencies created will allow Siemens to improve turbines for years to come.
    Effective start/end date01/12/201730/11/2020

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    • wind turbine
    • tip extension
    • surrogate based optimization
    • high fidelity aeroelastic modelling


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