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The objective of SMARTFISH is to develop, test and promote a suite of high-tech systems for the EU fishing sector, to optimize resource efficiency, to improve automatic data collection for fish stock assessment, to provide evidence of compliance with fishery regulations and to reduce ecological impact.

SMARTFISH exploits technological developments in machine vision, camera technology, data processing, machine learning,artificial intelligence, big data analysis, smartphones/tablets, LED technology, acoustics and ROV technology to build systems for monitoring,analyzing and improving processes for all facets of the fishing sector, from extraction, to assessment, to monitoring and control.

The SMARTFISH systems will:
- assist fishermen in making informed decisions during pre-catch, catching, and post-catch phases of the extraction process. This improves catch efficiencies and compositions in fisheries across the EU, leading to improved economic efficiency while reducing unintended fish mortality, unnecessary fishing pressure and ecosystem damage.
- provide new data for stock assessment from commercial fishing and improve the quality and quantity of data that comes from traditional assessment surveys. This provides more accurate assessment of currently assessed stocks and allow the assessment of data-poor stocks.
- permit the automatic collection of catch data to ensure compliance with fisheries management regulations.

The SMARTFISH systems are tested and demonstrated in several EU fisheries. This contributes to promoting the uptake of the systems by extraction sector and fisheries agencies.

An interdisciplinary consortium with technology developers and instrument suppliers, fishing companies, research and fisheries management institutes and universities will realize SMARTFISH. They are active at national and international levels and well placed to ensure the uptake of SMARTFISH systems by fishing industry and fisheries managers and stock assessment scientists.

DTU Aqua, National Institute of Aquatic Resources
SINTEF Oceans AS, Norway (coordinator)
Fundacion AZTI - AZTI Fundazioa, Spain
Marine Scotland, United Kingdom
Melbu Systems AS, Norway
University of Cukorova, Turkey
The Secretary of State For Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, United Kingdom
Mersin University, Turkey
Stiftelsen SINTEF, Norway
Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway
University of East Anglia, United Kingdom
Marport France, France
Zunibal SL, Spain
Safetynet Technologies Ltd, United Kingdom
Nergård Havfiske AS, Norway
Patxiku Berria C.B., Spain
Interfish Producer Organisation Ltd, United Kingdom
Larrasmendi Bi SL, Spain

The project is funded by EU through Horizon 2020 Framework Programme.

Research area: Fisheries Technology
Research area: Ecosystem based Marine ManagementResearch area: Observation Technology
Effective start/end date01/01/201831/12/2021


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