Smart City Accelerator

  • McKenna, Russell (PI)

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    Smart Cities Accelerator (SCA) is financed by the EU programme Interreg-ØKS, that supports crossregional collaboration in Europe. The project runs for a period of three years 2016 – 2019, and is supported by 6.468.000 Euro, where 50 % is cofinanced by the 11 partners.
    Climate challenges such as global warming, air pollution and pressure on natural resources has resulted in a number of political objectives at local /regional, national, European and global level. One of the major climate objectives is to substitute fossil fuels with sustainable and renewable energy. This requires interdisciplinary development of methods and technologies. SCA focuses on facilitating knowledge sharing and the development of demonstration projects that can create more sustainable solutions within the municipal energy supply system from energy production to energy consumption.
    SCA will facilitate the development of greener solutions by combining seven vertical focus areas within the energy sector with four cross sectorial horizontal areas. The horizontal areas are anchored in strong research environments including data, behaviour, law/regulations and learnings on both sides of the Sound.
    Effective start/end date01/07/201731/08/2019


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