Single fiber tensile test - Glass and Carbon fibers

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    Single fiber test data and SEM scan behind the publications

    [1] Kumar, R., L.P. Mikkelsen, H. Lilholt, B. Madsen, Understanding the mechanical response of glass and carbon fibres: stress-strain analysis and modulus determination IOP Conf. Ser.: Mater. Sci. Eng. 942, 012033,, 2020


    Rajnish Kumar, Lars P Mikkelsen, Hans Lilholt and Bo Madsen, Advances in tensile testing of unidirectional carbon fibre composites: specimen type and data analysis, submitted, 2021.

    to where a reference should be given.

    The data-set cover single fiber test of a carbon and glass fiber in the gauge section range from 20-80 mm for carbon fiber and from 40-80 mm for glass fiber. There are three files for each gauge-section:

    ... Data.xslx: The individual tensile curves with one sheet for each fiber. There are around 150 fibers in each set

    ... Results.xslx: One excel-sheet containing a summary of the parameters obtained for the individual fibers.

    ....Figures.doc: Word file showing a plot of the graphs

    In addition to this, there are for the carbon and glass fiber case a test setup complience calculation saved in the

    .... Compliance.xslx excel-sheet

    and SEM scans of a large approximately 2x20 mm cross-section of a pultruded profile based on the carbon fibers. This scan can be used for validating the fiber diameter distribution found in the single fiber testing. The SEM scan is saved in the

    Carbon_HyFisyn... files

    This set of files also include a matlab file (.m) which are used for determine the fiber volume fraction of the composite.
    Effective start/end date16/09/202016/09/2020


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