Signal and Image Processing for Telemedicine (SITE).

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    Project No. 3135.
    The rapid development in sensor technology, signal processing methods and parallel computing technology has enabled the physical realization of complex mathematical models in a diversity of scientific and industrial areas. This beginning interdisciplinary convergence of methodologies in science and technology has already had an impact on several industries and is emerging in medical imaging and more generally in telemedicine. It seems very likely that bringing together specialists from the mentioned areas could further boost the development of medical information processing in Denmark. Such considerations also head to incorporating the disciplines signal rpocessing, scientific computing, and image analysis in the Department of Mathematical Modelling (IMM) together with applied mathematical physics, numerical analysis, operations research, and statistics. Furthermore, there has been established a close co-operattion between scientist from DTU and several departments from different hospitals and universty clinics.
    Effective start/end date01/07/199930/06/2003


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