Project Details


The aim of creating the Ship Simulation Workbench is to provide the framework
for the performance estimation of a ship sailing on different routes and under
realistic service conditions, i.e., with waves, wind, maybe limited water depth
and in realistic loading conditions. Naturally, the engine and propeller will be
included, so the estimate of the ship performance will consist of, among other
things, power, energy consumption, emissions, possible delays due to weather,
and hull loads.

One of the features of the Ship SimulationWorkbench is to provide the flexibility to make use of various existing tools and methods being used in the industry and academia. E.g., the workbench should give the option of estimating resistance using an empirical approach, model test data or CFD simulations. Hence, the industry or academic groups can continue using the methods of their preference and still be able to estimate the vessel performance in Ship Simulation Workbench.

Layman's description

'Ship Simulation Workbench' would calculate required power, fuel consumption and emissions of ships sailing on different routes considering the weather conditions.
Effective start/end date01/12/201730/11/2019


  • Vessel performance
  • Voyage simulation
  • Ship
  • shipping