Shaping consumer-inclusive data pathwaYs towards the eNERGy transItion, through a reference Energy data Space implementation

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SYNERGIES introduces a reference Energy Data Space Implementation that will attempt to unleash the data-driven innovation and sharing potential across the energy data value chain by leveraging on data and intelligence coming from diverse energy actors (prioritizing on consumers and introducing them as data owners/ providers) and coupled sectors (buildings, mobility) and effectively making them reachable and widely accessible. In turn, it will facilitate the transition from siloed data management approaches to collaborative ones which promote the creation of a data and intelligence ecosystem around energy (and other types of) data and enable the realization of data (intelligence)-driven innovative energy services that (i) value the flexibility capacity of consumers in optimizing energy networks’ operation, maximizing RES integration and self-consumption at different levels of the system (community, building), (ii) evidently support network operators in optimally monitoring, operating, maintaining and planning their assets and coordinating between each other (TSO-DSO collaboration) for enhancing system resilience, (iii) create an inclusive pathway towards the energy transition, through consumer empowerment, awareness and informed involvement in flexibility market transactions, (iv) step on real data streams and intelligence to deliver personalized and automated features to increase prosumer acceptance and remove intrusiveness, (v) facilitate the establishment of sustainable LECs by enhancing their role with Aggregator and BSP functions, and (vi) establish solid grounds for the creation of a new economy around energy data produced and shared across a complex value chain, in a secure, trustful, fair and acceptable manner. SYNERGIES will be extensively validated in 3 large-scale demonstration sites in Greece, Spain and Denmark involving complete value chains, diverse data sources, heterogeneous energy systems/assets and spanning different socio-economic characteristics.
Effective start/end date01/09/2022 → 28/02/2026


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